A Visualisation of the first 100 Arabic and English Facebook Groups that have the words
“South Sudan” and "جنوب السودان" in the title.

Arabic English

South Sudan has almost 60 languages. That include local languages as Dinka, Nuer, Zande and others.
The two main exchange languages are English and Arabic.

Even if the official language recognised by the constitution is English, only 4% of the population speak it.
The vernacular language of the South Sudanese is Arabic.
In addition, only the 27% of the total South Sudan population can read and write. 

For these reasons, I researched the first 100 Facebook Group that contain in their name the English words “South Sudan” and then the first 100 that contain the Arabic words “جنوب السودان”. 
The data were collected in February 2017.

What I had after the research were useful information to understand the impact of the social media in the South Sudanese’s life.
The interactive visualisation that you see above represents all the 200 groups that I collected.

Every bubble represents a different group.
In green, we have all the Arabic groups and in blue we have all the English groups.
The size of the bubbles shows the Facebook groups members number.
You can see the groups been sorted by Language, Privacy and if they are still active on Facebook.
Even if English is only spoken by 4% of the population, the Facebook Groups are still bigger than the Arabic.
They are even more active.
The majority of the Arabic groups is Public and small. Most of them are inactive.


The visualisation was based on this Code.
South Sudan Statistics: IndexMundi.



Information and Interface Design
Collaborative Project - year 2